Frequently Asked Questions

Installation FAQ

What are the minimum system requirements for DEEMO II?

Recommended Device Specification to play DEEMO II: OS: iOS 11.0/Android 9.0 and above, with at least 5 GB of ROM and 3 GB of RAM; Besides, we also recommend players to play on a mid to high-end device manufactured within these two year for an even better experience.

I have trouble installing the game.

As DEEMO II contains relatively large files, we recommend having at least 4-5 GB of available space in your device, and downloading the game with a stable internet connection. If you encounter any further installation issues, please contact us at for further assistance.

Account FAQ

How do I create an account?

After opening the game, select your preferred method to register for a Rayark Pass, which can be used to play DEEMO II. Your Rayark Pass can be bound to Facebook, Twitter, your Apple/Google ID, or Email address. If you already have a Rayark Pass, there is no need to create another one.

Can I log in to my DEEMO II account on different operating systems?

Yes; Since all data is saved to your Rayark Pass, when using Rayark Pass you are free to jump between Android and iOS. However, you are only allowed to log in to one device at the same time.

Gameplay FAQ

Do I need to always be online while playing?

As DEEMO II is an online experience, you need to maintain a constant internet connection while the game is open, or you will not be able to play.

Game Content FAQ

What are "Event Tickets"?

You can collect Event Tickets as you explore around the game. Event Tickets are used to play in-game Events.

What are "Stars"?

Stars are used to level up your Pass, which gets you more Rewards. You can get Stars by playing Charts and completing Missions.


How can I provide feedback/suggestions for DEEMO II?

If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding DEEMO II, please contact us at We welcome all player feedback!

Payment FAQ

Can I make purchases without a credit card?

Currently, DEEMO II supports purchases from both the Google Play store (Android) and App store (iOS). Players should consult their store's help section to find ways to add funds without a credit card.

I made a purchase, but I still haven't gotten my item.

If you purchased something but didn't receive the item, please send a screenshot of your receipt from the Google Play or iOS App store, as well as your SID to so we can best fix the issue.

If you have any questions that were not covered in this FAQ, please do not hesitate to contact us at

In order to provide the best player experience possible, Rayark has the rights to alter or update game content at any time.